HEALTH - 4 Ways To Be Healthier

15 Mar 2016

15th March 2016 

A lot of us think you have to beast yourself silly in the gym, come out looking like a beetroot and have some rather questionable sweat patches - both of these things have happened to me. You don’t have to achieve this everyday, just the following tips will help you become for active and you won’t even realise you are working out;

1. Walk a dog

Now I am not saying go out and buy yourself a puppy to achieve this, but if you do have a dog, or know someone that wouldn’t mind you walking their dog, this is easily 30 mins - 1 hour of exercise slotted into your day.

I have a dog, a 3 year old black labrador called Monty, he is a big lump of 40kg with the nicest temperament, as you can imagine he requires a lot of exercise, so regardless of how I am feeling, or how much the heavens have opened, I have to drag my butt outside, baby in tow and take him on our regular 3.5 mile route, and I feel so much better for it at the end, so that cute puppy you have been eyeing up may be more beneficial than you think! (Note: Dogs are like a member of the family so you have to willing to give your dog 100% love and attention they deserve)

2. Ditch the car for the day

Not always easy if you have a large commute, but what if you get off your train/bus a stop earlier and walk rest of the journey. Can you cycle to work instead? Driving to your local shop, leave the car keys on the hook and get your wiggle on. 

3. Get out of bed 10 minutes earlier

How does that make you become more active? Do 50 reps of an exercise you want to become stronger in, do a tabata workout, do a HIIT workout. That time you spend on scrolling on your phone before you have even got out of bed, use it productively. Make it count! 

4. Buddy up.

We all know that exercising can be a lonely place at time, so team up with a buddy and get them involved, ask for them to go for a walk with you at lunch time, catch up on some gossip and if the sun happens to be out, get your daily dose of vitamin D. Win win.