LIFE - It's Time To Ditch The Scales

28 Aug 2016

28th August 2016

We have all done it, we have all stood on the weighing scales with one eye shut wondering when the scale is going to stop moving to the right.

Stop it, stop it right now. Put the scales aside and stop getting all hung up about the numbers. It’s not all about the numbers. It’s about how you feel on the inside that counts. We all know when we have put on a few extra lbs so why punish yourself even more when you know what it’s going to tell you?!

Don’t get me wrong, I do stand on the scales, but once in a blue moon. I know what my ‘good’ weight is, the weight that I feel comfortable at, I don’t need scales to tell me that. My clothes tell me that, my bras tell me that when they have dug into my skin and I refuse to loosen them as I somehow think I am enabling the situation.

So how do I manage my progress? A picture paints a thousand words. I take before and after pictures and I encourage anyone that I work with to take photographs. I record my measurements, I measure my bust, my waist, my hips and my thighs. I then record my measurements on a weekly basis along with my photographs maybe on a fortnightly basis. I may stand on the scales, but that will be at the beginning of a 8 or 12 week training programme and won’t stand on them again until the programme has ended. And you know what? The number doesn’t actually change a whole lot, but my body shape has, my strength has improved, my confidence is back up and my clothes are fitting like they should again.

Us ladies become deflated when we see that the numbers of the scales hasn’t changed, but what you don’t appreciate is that you have lost an inch of your waist or thighs.

I know of people that have weighed themselves up to three times a day, this is not healthy! Our weight can change by a couple of kilos believe it or not just overnight. This could come down to what you have eaten or drunk in the past 24 hours, what time of the month it is, and even down to toilet habits.

The point of my mini rant here is, the numbers of the scales don’t define who you are, YOU define who you are, so stop getting hung up on them.

If you would like to start your health and fitness journey without becoming hung up on the scales then get in touch.