LIFE - #Girlgains Event

24 Mar 2016

24th March 2016
There is nothing I love more than a day trip into London, and what made my recent trip there this weekend even better was that I got to spend it with not only the founders of the hashtag #girlgains, but 60 other like minded females that have a passion for health and fitness and supporting other females.
The event was held at the impressive The Third Space in Canary Wharf (we won’t mention I was wandering around Canary Wharf in circles for 20 minutes trying to find it!)  We had introductions from the founders of The Girl Gains, Zanna, Vicky and Tally, each telling us their own reasons for getting into the health and fitness industry. Zanna described herself as being someone who was ‘fat skinny’ during university, Vicky has overcome an eating disorder and Tally had to battle the pressures of being in drama school. Each of their stories shows that everyone is battling their own demons and we should support one another in trying to overcome them.

We then had talks from #femaleboss Anna Sward the founder of Protein POW (more on that later), Jacqueline Hurst founder of The Life Class and a life coach that has battled her own demons (addiction and eating disorders), and finally Nicola Jane Hobbs, author of Yoga Gym, a renowned Yogi and someone that also battled with an eating disorder in the past. Each of these amazing women had such powerful messages to put across and I could relate to at least something they were saying.
Moving on to the yummy part of the day, after our relaxation with Nicola - yes I did fall asleep in a room full of strangers, we then got our hands dirty - literally - by getting to use the Protein POW mixes to make our very own protein balls, We were given honey, agave nectar, dairy free milk, nuts, dried fruits, and numerous other fillings and your body weights worth in nut butter to use to make them exactly how we pleased. Then the best part? We got to eat them, no faffing about waiting for it to set, raw healthy ingredients that tasted delicious.

So what was the point in this event? It was educating females that there is nothing wrong with saying ‘I love myself’, it was to empower more women to say they love themselves and inspiring women to say it. If we can’t say it about ourselves how are we going to believe it when our partner says it to us? So next time you look in the mirror be kind about your body, because no matter your colour, shape or size, you are you and no one can take that away from you.