LIFE - Every Little Helps

15 Mar 2016

15th March 2016

My husband bought me a Macbook for Christmas last year, I had wanted one for so long, I was so chuffed when I opened it up. So why did it take me until late January to actually get it out the box? I didn’t have a clue what I was doing!

I bought a beginners guide to Mac, and started trying to decipher it.

I failed.

I attempted at having a go at using iMovie and editing some clips from our group ski adventure over the new year.

Again, I had no idea what I was doing and it didn’t quite turn out like this action packed clip I imagined.

I wanted to prove to myself (and my husband) that I wasn’t Apple challenged. We are now in March and I have admitted defeat and walked into an Apple store and asked for some help in helping me edit clips. 15 minutes later I came out feeling a lot more confident, and actually some idea of how to use it - so watch out for future clips coming your way!

So what does this have to with fitness?

We all start of as beginners, even Olympic athletes had to start at the beginning. You have tried every diet going, cutting food groups out, magic shakes, and whatever the latest fad is trending that month and it still isn’t working, why?

Because you are not an expert in that field, your bread and butter is something else.

Your pipes burst, you call a plumber, your car breaks down, you call a mechanic and so on. So why does it take the majority of us so long to ask for help when it comes to our health and fitness?

Personal trainers are out there to HELP you, I WANT to help you become a healthier, fitter, more active person. So stop making excuses and admit defeat if something isn’t working, there is no shame in that. We all need a bit of help at the end of the day.