HEALTH - Hydrate Or Die

15 Mar 2016

15th March 2016

Bit extreme you’re thinking! Got your attention though didn’t I? Whilst you won’t not die if you don’t hydrate correctly during the day it may leave you feeling a little bit on the groggy side, so here are five handy tips and reasons as to why drinking those two litres of H2O a daily ritual;

1. Hydrated Skin.

You don’t drink enough water you will notice your skin may become dry - this is an early indicator that you may not be drinking enough water. Our skin is our body’s largest organ therefore we need to look after it. So, you want that gorgeous skin that Jennifer Aniston has - start glugging your water!

2. Water bottle at your desk.

Sound so simple, but yet so many people don’t. Fill your bottle up at the beginning of the day and keep it at your desk, or with you during the day, with it in eyesight you will be drinking without even realising it which will help you remain alert whilst in work having to meet those pesky deadlines your boss keeps giving you.

3. Lemon.

‘Water is boring’ I hear you say, try adding lemon to your water, I opt for a slice of lemon, my husband opts for a whole lemon. Whatever floats your boat. Add flavour to your water. It doesn’t just help your water taste nicer, it helps aid digestion, fights off hunger cravings, reduces inflammation and helps flush toxins out your system, to name a few. So, go on, what you waiting for?

4. It’s FREE!!

It’s free in calories and free in price, it’s also free of sugar which will help keep them pearly whites of yours in good condition.

5. Aids weight loss.

You get that urge that you are hungry, are you hungry or are you in fact thirsty? We often confuse feeling thirsty for feeling hungry, so next time that 3pm hunger pain strikes, have some water, see whether it helps.

So, give it a go - what have you got to loose?