INTERVIEW - with Tally Rye of #Girlgains

16 May 2016

16th May 2016

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have noticed that I have recently become a #GirlGains Ambassador!!! Super excited to say the least!! I have attended two of their amazing events and loved every minute of them, as an Ambassador it will be my job to bring these events closer to home. 

You may not know what #GirlGains is all about so I caught up with Tally Rye, one of the co founders (the other founders are Zanna Van Dijk and Victoria Spence) to ask her some questions to explain what the #GirlGains movement is all about;

1. What is Girl Gains?

Girlgains is an online movement, created for women by 3 best friends Tally, Zanna and Vicky. We aim to empower girls all over the world to be the fittest, healthiest and happiest version of themselves. We started as a hashtag, predominantly on Instagram, but now we are bringing it to life! Over the past year, we have hosted numerous events in London and Manchester to unite like-minded women, build a support network and create real life friendships.

2. What made you get into the health and fitness industry?

We believe in following your dreams and pursuing your passions. Each of us soon realised that our 'hobby' had soon turned into a passion and a career path that we couldn't avoid. The way things have developed over the last 12 months, it often feels like fate!

3. What are your top tips for being motivated?

Give purpose to your training! Set yourself short term, mid term and long term goals. That way you always have something to work towards and when you accomplish them, it feels incredible!

We also encourage you to make your lifestyle social - make workout dates with friends or healthy brunch dates on the weekend. This way these healthy habits soon become a fixed part of your routine.

4. How often do you train and how much cardio and weights do you do?

Each of us is different! Speaking for myself (Tally), I train weights 4-5 times a week with 3 cardio sessions. This isn't super strict, as I often have to be flexible due to my often hectic work life.

5. Who inspires you?

All 3 of us look up to strong business women in the fitness industry who are truly making their mark. Claire Finlay of Transition Zone is a remarkable woman, as are Pip & Joan the founders of Frame. And without a doubt, we each inspire each other every day! To work harder, to be more ambitious and to believe in ourselves.

6. What are your favourite snacks to have when feeling peckish?

You can't beat a Quest Bar on the go! They're a bit of handbag staple for all of us.

7. What are your current fitness goals?

All 3 of us are heading out to Sierra Leone at the end of May to run 10K with the charity Street Child - so being ready to run in that heat is certainly our priority right now!

To find out about upcoming events, give their website a visit, hope to see you all at an event in the very near future.