FITNESS - Inca Trail To Machu Picchu

01 Apr 2016

1st April 2016

On the 31st May 2015, my gorgeous son Oakley was born at Salisbury District Hospital in Wiltshire, due to uncontrollable circumstances he was born via emergency C-section where unbeknown to me at the time, he wasn’t breathing and had to be resuscitated, this was down to him swallowing his meconium (his poop). Thankfully though this is a happy story and he soon got his breath!

As a result of his breathing difficulties he had to be placed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), he was in an incubator for two days and spent a further three days on the ward under close observation, before he was allowed to come home at the end of the week.

So, who are The Stars Appeal and what does it have to do with me? The incubator that Oakley was in was funded by this charity, the en suite accommodation that Craig, my husband, got to stay in whilst Oakley and I were in hospital was funded by this charity.

Once Oakley was well enough he and I were moved into our own private room ‘Kangaroo Care’ on the ward, again funded by this charity, all the time Craig was in his own room less than fifty metres away from us.

The staff and the care we received were just simply amazing and the equipment and facilities provided were above what is provided by the NHS (which in itself is an amazing service). Without the family room for Craig to stay in and the private room I got to stay in, I wonder whether our first few days of parenthood could have shaped us as parents totally differently and how we bonded as a couple who were now parents.

Oakley was the only full term baby on the ward and there were some extremely poorly babies there, but I knew they were in the best hands with amazing facilities to help them and their families.

So, why the Inca Trek? I have already fundraised for The Stars Appeal, by running Cardiff Half Marathon in 2015, I wanted something to push my limits though, I’m not a fan of hills, so this could be pretty interesting….so on the 29th April 2017, 40 other trekkers and I, including one of my best friends Sarah, will be heading to South America to begin this challenge, which I think at the moment I am totally underestimating….

Yes, I get to travel and experience this amazing opportunity, but it’s all in aid of constantly fundraising for this charity to help other families like mine.

This charity doesn’t just fund NICU, they work hard to support all wards and departments but with particular focus on cancer, cardiac care and children.

If you would kindly like to donate any spare pennies you may have then you can visit my justgiving page, or you can text a donation, text the word PICC49 £5 (or any other amount, £1, £2, £3, £4 or £10) to 70070. Every penny counts and would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to find out more about what The Stars Appeal, please do give their website a visit.