REVIEW - Water Babies

09 Apr 2016

9th April 2016

Unless you’re a parent you might not find this blog very interesting, but even if you are not, don’t stop reading, you never know it might be something you consider for when it is time for you to start making your own little humans.

What is Water Babies? It helps babies develop both cognitively (their brain development) and physically through safe swimming lessons.

During my maternity leave I wasn’t a big fan of attending any of the mother and baby classes, but the one thing I was determined that Oakley would attend, Water Babies. I wanted him to develop a life skill whilst having fun at the same time.

Oakley started Water Babies when he was about three months old. They are split into ‘chapters’ (terms) and each chapter is 12 weeks long consisting of one 30 minutes session a week. Your Water Babies experience can last up to four years.

From Oakley’s very first lesson I loved going just as much as he did. The instructors are brilliant and when it comes to putting your child underwater for the very first time they guide you through any worries and concerns you may have.

Oakley is currently in the middle of his third term and his instructor is fantastic. Oakley has learnt so far to hold on to the bar without being held. He knows the words of command that will mean he is going under underwater, he is learning the emergency hold on so that if he was to fall in the water he knows what to do. He is learning how to kick his legs in the water, and my favourite underwater swim that I like to call dolphin training, where he swims through a hula hoop.

So other than what he has learnt so far, what are the other benefits of Water Babies?

  1. Most importantly as mentioned, it teaches water safety.
  2. It is a great way of getting little ones exercising from a young age. Each Water Babies lesson provides a complete physical work-out, strengthening your baby's heart and lungs and in turn aiding development of the brain. And with each lesson burning up to 300 calories, you’ll get a work-out, too!
  3. It boosts confidence, not only will it boost theirs, but if you are nervous around water it will help boost yours.
  4. As you don’t need vaccinations before they go swimming they can start Water Babies from when they are first born, this is perfect as those mother and baby classes might be a bit boring as babies don't start moving around until they are about six months old.
  5. Studies have shown that baby swimmers have better balance and are also better at grasping things than non swimmers.

These are just a few of the benefits that Water Babies has to offer. 

One of my favourite things so far has to be the underwater baby shoot that Oakley had done in his first term. The photos were brilliant and a great way of remembering his first few months of being a Water Baby.

This blog isn’t sponsored, I just genuinely believe that this is one of the best classes that you and baby can do. If you think that it might be the class for you and you want to go for it then find your nearest Water Babies class here.