NUTRITION - How To Handle an All You Can Eat Buffet

03 Mar 2018

You’re counting calories/tracking macros, or just generally trying to be more mindful about what you eat, and you are faced with an all you can eat buffet. What do you do?

First of all, don’t panic, one all you can eat buffet isn’t going to undo everything you have been working towards. There are a few things that though that may help not put you into a food coma at the end of it.

Drink water. Helps aid digestion, but also calorie free. Adding a glass of wine/beer/fizzy drinks is just another way to top up that calorie total with no nutritional value.

Have a walk around the buffet, have a look at what is on offer and then once you have looked at everything go towards what you are drawn to most. Opting for your meats, fish and veggies as the preferred option.

Take small portions, we as a society have a tendency to eat what is on our plate, so if you load your plate with smaller portions, you will be less likely to continue eating when you are in fact actually full. Smaller portions equals being able to try more food on offer.

If you don’t enjoy it, don’t eat it, just because it’s on your plate it doesn’t mean you have to eat it.

Recognise when you are full, allow the food to settle, don’t force another plate down you just because it’s there on offer.

Okay, so you’re done with the mains, now it’s time for desert, again the above applies, take little samples and if it doesn’t taste great then don’t eat it, don’t force it down you just for the sake of it. A client once said to me, ‘If I’m going to cheat I’m going to cheat good and not just waste it on any old muffin.’ Now whilst I don’t agree per sa with the term ‘cheat meal’ she has the right idea.

Now, you can choose to completely disregard what I have written so far, but if you take anything away from this blog, then take this away, DO NOT FEEL GUILTY if you overindulge. If you have over indulged though and afterwards do have negative thoughts, write it off, it’s done, but use these thoughts to remind yourself next time of how you felt and ask if you want to feel that way again?

I write this blog as it happened to me this evening, now, I didn’t have the water, hypocritical, you may think so, but I did walk around to see what was on offer, I did take smaller portions, I did leave food on my plate that didn’t taste that great, I did only have two plates and identify when I was full and I did leave the desert as it didn’t taste all that great! Now, if this was to have happened this time last year, I would have dived straight in, piled my plate(s) high, ate the food regardless, have two pints of Pepsi instead of the one I had this evening and washed it down with ice cream and sweets despite it tasting like crap.

So, that is what I call a win, and whilst my stomach is hating me for it (mental note made), I am making progress in regards to my eating habits and that my friends is what we call progress.