FITNESS - Tidworth Throwdown

12 Apr 2016

Just under a week ago, 7 teams came together to compete against one another to celebrate the opening of CrossFit Armoured Warrior, a new non profit military affiliate that has opened up on Tidworth camp within the Super Gym open to all serving personnel and their dependants.

What is a Throwdown? It’s basically a competition, whether it’s held over one day or two days, where you compete individually or part of a team to place the highest you can overall. Be expected to push your body to the limits and surprise yourself with movements you didn’t think you could complete or weight that you could not lift. This was my 2nd throwdown since I started CrossFit in Jan 2014.

I met my team mates on the day and was delighted to see that I was in a team with some friendly faces from Sarum CrossFit (where I started CrossFit), Dave, Toony and Josh.

So what did Tidworth Throwdown have in store for us?

WOD 1 -

In your teams you each had 1 minute to complete a single deadlift for females and single clean for the males. Once that minute was over you then had an extra minute to add extra weight. The weight started at 40kg and after every round the weight went up 10kg. Our team finished 4th overall with 3 out of the 4 of us achieving personal bests, I was proper chuffed that I managed to hit my 1 rep max for deadlift at 120kg. Happy Ash!

WOD 2 -

Was an extreme version of a workout called Fight Gone Bad, in our teams we had to complete 1 minute on each exercise which was wall balls (6kg for females, 10kg females for males), sumo deadlift high pull (25kg for females, 35kg for males), 20” box jumps, and row, and we had to complete 5 rounds, so this was 25 minutes of hard work by all teams. Our team held our position of 4th overall at the end of this WOD.

WOD 3 -

Split into 2 pairs, pair one had to complete 3 minutes of front squats (30kg for females), the next pair had to complete 3 minutes of overhead squats, the first pair then went again and had to complete 3 minutes of kettle bell swing (16kg for females and 24kg for males) followed by the other pair completing the last 3 minutes of burpee over bar. A total of six minutes work per pair, high intensity and a tad bit disgusting, happy that our team were now in joint 3rd with Stonehenge CrossFit.

WOD 4 -

Final one of the day, thank God! We knew the final one would be cheeky and that it was! It started with a max effort 500m row each where we then went straight into a workout called Tommy V, which consists of 21 x thrusters (35/50kg), 12 x 15ft rope climbs, 15 x thrusters, 9 x rope climbs, 9 x thrusters followed by the last remaining 6 rope climbs! I struggled with the rope climbs, IMPORTANT LESSON: wear leggings when it comes to rope climbs otherwise you end up with some nice friction burns, ouchy! Our team were tired but we finished strong and finished as a team!

We finished in 5th overall and we were pretty chuffed as the standard was high and the winning team finished 1st in every heat - machines!

Prizes were given to all teams amazingly, so massive thanks to Icon Nutrition and Retail Toolbox for those, I have now discovered Battle Oats and I’m a fan!!

So after reading what a delightful day this was, you want to join up don't you? If you are in the Tidworth area (and are serving personnel or a dependant) and you fancy training in a brilliant FREE facility then get in touch with CrossFit Armoured Warrior!