TRAVEL - Weekend in Dublin

21 Aug 2016

21st August 2016

Dublin, the capital of Ireland and one of its most visited destinations. If you fancy a long weekend away to this popular city then I will give you some of my recommendations after my recent getaway there with my husband, best friend Cassie and her boyfriend Edd. 

Transport - We flew direct to Dublin from Bristol with RyanAir, short flight, by the time you are up in the air it is time to come back down again. We managed to get our flight for a £60 return (no hold luggage), flying out on the Thursday and coming home on the Sunday. You could get a bus into the city centre from the airport for a couple of euros but we opted for the quicker version and got a taxi to our hotel. Taxi’s start at €4 and then for every extra person in the taxi €1 is added on to the final total. You can get into the city centre though for just over €20.

Accommodation - When I booked our weekend getaway I didn’t realise it was Ireland’s bank holiday, so accommodation was rather expensive, so to save our pennies to actually to do stuff we opted for The Binary Hub, little did we know it was brand new student accommodation, that when it is out of term time they open it up to tourists. We paid £170 for our three night stay. The building had great security, was fresh and clean. Our room was small, but did the trick, clean sheets and hot water, I was happy. Our accommodation was a five minute walk to the Guinness Factory and about 1.5 miles into the centre, plenty of accommodation to pick from, all depending on your budget and personal preference.

Food - I didn’t find any ‘healthy’ places to eat, I enjoyed my full breakfasts each morning and didn’t regret one mouthful!  Cafe Comino and Copper Alley Bistro were my favourite morning stops. It was my 28th birthday whilst we were out there and I left the restaurant choice for my husband to surprise me. And I wasn’t disappointed, now if you visit Dublin, I highly recommend this place, Fade Street Social, the menu is more higher end and I was a bit unsure what to pick. I opted for the flatbread pizza topped with tomato and pumpkin puree with pork and chestnut mushrooms, with a side of chunky chips with bacon and garlic, and another side (don’t judge me) of open ravioli with chestnut mushrooms, it’s fair to say my eyes were bigger than my belly, but I tried my best to eat every mouthful I could. It was all delicious. 

What to do - For anyone that visits Dublin the Guinness Factory is almost certainly a must visit. I don’t like museums and I don’t like Guinness (which I found out on the first day), but the visit was actually interesting and the views at the top with your free pint of Guinness (or soft drink) are worth it. I was assured by many locals that Kilmainham Goal, an old prison that has great history, was worth a visit, unfortunately we didn't pre book our tickets and was fully booked for the weekend we were there, so make sure you pre book your tickets early to avoid disappointment, it’s located down the road from the Guinness Factory, so if you plan your day well you can kill two birds with one stone in one day. On my birthday I wanted to do something different so I booked tickets for the Wicklow Mountains Tour and Glenn Da Lough (amongst other stops). You visit the lake that looks like a giant pint of Guinness where the water is sourced in the production of Guinness, and Glenn Da Lough, a gorgeous area where there are two lakes amongst the mountains. A lovely day out and really recommended if you have the time. Now, drinking, imagine the best of Dublin city – pubs, galleries, restaurants and music – squeezed into a few blocks, well this is Temple Bar, the cobbled, cultural heart of Dublin City. You won’t have trouble finding somewhere to buy your next pint of Guinness….Dublin isn’t cheap though so make sure you have more than enough Euros to keep you going to enjoy your visit.

We only scratched the surface with our long weekend away, but throughly enjoyed what we did and spending time with the people I love.